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Website Development
Web / IT Consultant
Domain Registrations
Online Advertising
FLASH Animations
Web Applications
Website Maintenance
Print Design
Interactive CD-ROM's
Software development


Cross Borders
Cross Borders is Dutch Volunteering organization. So, the website is developed in Dutch Language.

URL: www.cross-borders.org

Cross Borders

The Flash animated ecards website. From this website the user can send/received FlashCards.

URL: www.FlashCards.com.np


King Mahendra Trust for Nature Conservation (KMTNC)
Official site of King Mahendra Trust for Nature Conservation.

URL: www.kmtnc.org.np

King Mahendra Trust for Nature Conservation

Cross Borders (I-NGO)
Cross Borders is a Social Organization based on Netherland. This website provides all the information about the organization and the volunteers service in Nepal in Dutch language.

URL: www.cross-borders.org

Cross Borders

Phokhara University
Exam Control System of Pokhara University.

URL: Official use only

Pokhara University Exam Control System(Official Use Only)

Munal Restaurant
Official web site of Munal Restaurant, it was established in 1990. The website gives all the informations about the Munal Restaurant including their Menus. You can give online order for different kinds of nepalese dishes (UK ONLY).

URL: www.munalrestaurant.co.uk

Munal Restaurant

D2Hawkeye Intranet
D2Hawkeye is a Boston based software company. Inranet of D2Hawkeye, the site contains official informations for internal (office) use.

URL: Official use only

D2Hawkeye Intranet (Official Use Only)
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